in production

"...We only fear what we don’t understand, and I know this because it’s a cliche used in half of all metal songs. Metal, for all its puff and bluster, for all its devils and demons, is not something anyone should be afraid of. It’s the friendliest, most welcoming genre I know of. There’s no elitism, no exclusion. You think you’re weird? Come to a metal show; we’ll love you for it. Being weird is what the other half of our songs are about. We’re no more violent or stupid or evil than any other music market. The reason so many people think we are is that metalheads do a poor job expressing the virtues of their culture to the wider world. Metal needs an ambassador. I will tell you my story and maybe afterward you’ll have some small understanding of how a decent person can listen to this and like it."

next in line

"You make a thousand of these decisions. You agonize over where to put the glasses, where to put the lamps, where to put the Beethovens. This takes effort, this takes thought, this takes days, and you look around and discover for the first time that you don’t have shit. All this work, all this careful thought, and your house is fucking empty. When you were living with your college buddies all you had to fill was your room and maybe contribute a regrettable poster to the common area. After graduation, all that furniture was written off as a loss because nobody wanted to take an eleven-foot burnt-orange sofa into their (sure-to-be upscale and modern) bachelor pad, and everything else was stolen during house parties. All you have is a couch that’s too short, a bed without a headboard, a pile of books you’ll never read again, and a computer, which is useless because the cable guy isn’t coming to hook up internet until Thursday. You think about going shopping for some stuff to fill the empty places in your life, but you just dropped everything you had on the safety deposit and the first month’s rent. There are eight dollars in your checking account and thirty-two pennies in the console of your car. Won’t be buying any chairs tonight..."

after that

In this episode Steve will show you how to catch trophy smallmouth bass in the summer months and tell you all about his bitch ex-wife, Wendy.